Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Treasure Yourself" Book Review

So I heard about this book through a you-tuber and had to check it out!
This is Miranda Kerr's first book, which you can tell, out of two that speak on positive thinking and empowering yourself as a woman.
I am all about positive thinking and bettering yourself kind of books.
I used to be a HUGE reader of "The Secret."
Loved that book, loved that movie.
Talks about vision boards and positive thoughts seem to be getting really popular.
I see Mrs. Kerr is also a follower....her entire book is pretty much a re-edit of the book "The Secret" but how she applies it to her life.
I got to give her props for actually writing her OWN book and not excerpting that book.
Takes guts to get a lot of flack for that.

But on to the book.

I was excited to read some of her personal life (that I will not give away, cuz you will be in awe).
She is very down to earth and admits that she is blessed to have what she does, including her husband, son and little pup. She tells some short stories from her childhood and actually doesn't bitch that "oh my parents were mean" or "I never got to do anything as a teen" which I find refreshing for once from a celebrity.

This book is a great read. 
Only downfall is that the book is half book and half affirmation quotes.
But hey, I'm all about positive words to charge your mind! 

So pick it up!
Give it a read!
You can find this paperback for under $10 bucks HERE!


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